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silverado trail light to moderate, warm road and glen allen back to cotati and rohnert some of the better radar returns on snider lane, rohnert park expressway, east cotati avenue, west sierra all getting moderate to possibly heavy rain now. forestville, all there having light to moderate rain possibly pockets of heavy rainj towards windsor riff road,ée7vñ santa rosa where we had-r6 flooding -- earlier this morning, healthy storm around since this is moving northeast this entire line is going to start sinking south in the heart of the bay by 7:00, probably in the south bay by ?>óñ one of the busiest travl days of the year now in san jose 87 flowing nicely no delays towards 101 northbound past hp pavilion and julian
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avenue that's the off-ramp, bridget section brake lights towards the highrise up and over towards foster city hayward no significant delays eastbound moving nicely towards hayward. 680 corridor from 580 to 24 northbound over 15 minutes. 580 into castro valley from pleasanton over the dublin minutes.jlpu 87 northbound towards 101 moving at the limit. today's storm
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we'll start feeling that this morning if you are leaving any time soon, we just ran into one of ourvg;-h colleas is going to be later when we start to feel it. here's a look inside. it is crowded, lots of people traveling for the christmas holiday, everyone is being well7wóç behaved, things are moving smoothly, you are not seeing the delays to the chicago area or to the middle of our country which people were very worried about.ef% we were there when+÷u2 one man news. >> on time"a%x, all right! >> reporter: what is your reaction to that? >> i thought it would be delayed so i'm happy it is on time. >> it seems to be very calm i doesn't look that crowded.or:b i ápctioo??
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positive, i'm also glad it is not pouring down rain."ú0n >> reporter: yeah, look at the weather in chicago ouch! this is what people are worried about this is what people thought was going to cause them headaches today out of sfo only delays out of sf newark and philadelphia in front of the airport this is where it comes and goes we've seen jams of cars right now itt doesn't look bad lots of people trying to get out of here for the christmaso6sss holy season, this is a busy travel day officials say the flights now are fine. 10:00 this morning when we start seeing delays into this evening he says regional flights up and down the w^áwp coast because oåéç our bay area v now but he says there's a low ceiling because of that the faa says out, between 9 and 10 you might have problems, check
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your flight, amy hollyfield, abc7 news.>móyz continuing coverage on the storm now hitting the bay area. $c]-ourself any time with live doppler 7 hd, go to8q.'? abc7 ns got come. -- minutes from the start of a moment of silence in connecticut. today marks one week since a gunman walked into sandy hook elementary and opened fire, 20 students were killed, six adults died. connecticut governor malloy is asking the entire nation to join his state in the moment of silence to honor those victims. church bells will ring 26 times. since last friday the sandy hook community and the entire nation has been coping with the tragedy back-to-back funerals have been taking place all this week in connecticut. latest services took place yesterday for benjamin and jesse, both were 6-years-old.
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more services are scheduled for today and tomorrow. abc news will air a will stream it live on new this morning, president obama responding to an online petitionzwp)éhlling fr stricter gun laws in the wake of the school tragedy in connecticut. here's a portion of his comments moved to the white house website, just after 3:00 this morning. >> the president: i will do everything in my power as president to advance these efforts. because if there is even one thing we can do as a country  our children, we have a responsibility to try. >> earlier this week, president obama appointed vice president biden to head a new gun control task force to form new policies in response the president will take part in this morning's moment of silence for the victims. he will be doing so from the white house. 7:45 our time, the national rifle association will hold a news conference to
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spoken to the school tragedy. nra executive director said this week today's news conference is to discuss how the nra can make "meaningful contributions to prevent future mass shootings." the group has stayed mostly quiet immediately after the tragedy last week. nra didn't release first public comments until four days after the shooting. police investigating a car tho a series of robberies. ss reported in antioch on highway 4 at g street. witnesses say the driver crashed the car after a chase with police. suspect ran but÷çk)r was caughtd bitten by a police dog. incident happened around the same time that a series of convenience and liquor store robberies took place they were reported in brentwood and]níp' antioch overnight. traffic and weather together, next. live look at live doppler 7 hd, you see the blue and yellow and red, indicating rain and
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intensity, meteorologist mike nicco tracking that. impact the storm is having on the morning commute. ahead, smartphone map likely to get you lost.
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welcome back.
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heavy rain in the north bay i wanted to show you the winds they were a concern up to 13 gusting to 23 mountain view, santa rosa, 31 half moon bay for trees to start top lidge, 40 50 miles per hourj+f% -- toppling, 40 to 50 miles per hour. the rain is getting closer%dwk o napa, novato and san rafael. heart of the bay 7:00, south bay 9:00. at san rafael it is raining you can see this hazy look at the headlights southbound wet roads in san rafael take your time this morning it is going morning. light, minor delay for cash paying toll folks on the right.
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caltrain northbound 101 train, 18 minutes delayed leaving millbrae, that was five minutes ago. all other mass transit on time. 6:12.:p8co >> next, smartphone mapping service that is more likely to get you lost. ahead, the brands on top in new test from -- [ inaudible ]
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welcome back. y the steadier rain the green now making its way down to 37, novato down to 101 san rafael,v tiburon getting sprinkles sausalito and belvederepj)çvxy w 580 richmondt/÷t san rafael brie about tojywf get wet. off to the east we can see napa still a little!k÷ light ran american canyon down to vallejo you should be getting rain in the next 20)úá7m minuter so. 6:15. a just released study finds what many smartphone users have been complaining about. apple phapl -- apple maps has work to do. company compared apple maps with google earth and bing the company searched for 1,000 different businesses across the country to see which service proved to be most
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accurate. crowd flower found apple maps has a 3.4 error rate,bjíy bing, 1.3, google lowest 1.1%. the error rate for apple maps skyrocketed to 30% when it searched for businesses in the united kingdom no comment from apple. today sneaker collectors across the country are trying to get a pair of nike's newest air jordans just releasedq:@zl online an hour ago and sold out at newpark mall in$'zqh new, 300 people are in line now. yesterday hufrpbtsville, alabama police had to use pepper spray on an unruly crowd waiting in line to get 36 bands which secured a right to buy a pair officers were call after numerous fights broke out. the jordan retro 11 retails for $185. a reliable stove is
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crucial any time but especially during the highway days -- during the holidays. michael mine any and0l?w consumr reports tell us -- which brands are the best. >> reporter: with the holidays coming, every cook needs a reliable stove survey finds some brands have been much more likely to break down than others. repair man vinny says, ranges always seem to stop working just when you are about todzd5m. >> people call in a panic because their stove is broken and they want it fixed quickly. >> reporter: consumer reports and electricv.epk ranges boughtn the last five years, finds big differences in reliability. for instance, popular brands like kitchen aid and gen-air most repair prone. >> we do this survey every
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of individual models, you are much lessó& repairs if you buy from a brand with a good record of reliable. >> reporter: the most reliable? hot point, general electric and whirlpool. gas range, hot point, ge and kenmore. pro style rangers that can cost thousands. surveyed more than 500 readers who owned them. >> higher for these ranges repair in the last five years more than a third need to be repaired. 9% need to be repaired three times or more. >> reporter: that means you needing vinny if you skip a pro range and get a regular stove from one of the more reliable brands. consumer reports says repazjç for pro style ranges average!rnz $100 more and harder to find a qualified repair person for
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the pricier ranges. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. doppler it is working south. >> it is. it is on the move as we talked about it would be, 101.ñ. san rafael and mist and spray kicked up by the cars as we look at$2rvem traveling out of the north bay heading towards san francisco where dry right now. live doppler 7 hd i want to show you the leading edge of the lighter rain in the form of blue and green and it is right now reached the san pablo bay shore down to tiburon, belvedere and now also into sausalito no matter where you are on 101 it is going to be wet.lçó leading edge of heavier rain, light to moderate, heavier old adobe road, cotati, spring hill road, santa rosa heaviest
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rain starting to move across petaluma hill road and out highway 12 heading to the east we have more on the way in fact marin county about to get slammed by heavier rain we are starting to see a little push to the south and east. the heart of the bay at 7:00, san francisco and oakland and starting to slide southward down in the south bay by about 9:00. if you can get out now you are going to have a dry commute.'2eh the morning hours. waves of showers this afternoon. heavy rain possible again tonight through sunday we'll have rain in the forecast the only day we don't have rain, monday. here's the timing, traveling today shopping, school, whatever, you can see the yellows showing up well here at 7:00 from 80 down through oakland and san francisco, see how it moves into the7÷i#z south
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bay by 9:00? the front still north. we'll still have heavier rain around noon along the front and then it becomes scattered waves of showers during the afternoon. evening hours overnight, heavier rain back in the north bay by midnight into the heart of the bay by 4:00, out of the south bay bye82$ 8:00, tomorrow during the day we will receive the latest amount of rain, you may be able to get out tomorrow more so than today and sunday, sunday warm front, when you have warm fronts it is an all-day rain it starts at 8:00 and you can see it keeps raining until 2:00 up in the north bay, 5:00 in the south bay. up to eight inches north bay mountains, six inches santa cruz mountains, three to six north bay, one to two the smallest amount in the south bay. temperatures stuck in the 50s all seven days, monday christmas eve completely dry.
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east shore freeway leaving el cerrito richmond towards berkeley and emeryville getting busy, bunching up where 580 and 880 merge. a bit of congestion. things open towards the berkeley curve into the macarthur maze. san jose's headlights snaking northbound on 280, 17 overcrossing out of the santa cruz mountains, no problems, as you make your way from san jose towards cupertino nice ride. first reports of a car off the embankment west 37 at mare island right now not seeing slowing we'll be following that. out of santa rosa into novato getting rain about 35 minute drive, east shore freeway carquinez into the maze not bad drive, 20 minutes. north 101 san jose from 280 up to 237, 20 minute drive.
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6:22. today marks one week since the school tragedy in connecticut. ahead, abc news special report as sandy hook and the nation mark a moment of silence. vu#o track the rain now falling across parts of bay area a (l$o will go to street level to show the areas getting hit the heartesque. -- the hardest.
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you can see rain to the west moving to the northeast you will have sprinkles now steadier rain by 7:00. looking at. 80 north rain and snow fresno and yosemite by the afternoon, 4,000 western slope, east of chico and reading 1500 to 2,000 around i-5. be careful today. 6:26. the warriors are proving they are successful off the court head coach mark jackson was at pay 30 for the firefighters annual holiday toy -- at pier 34 the firefighters annual holiday toy -- the warriors are back home tonight against
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the$a2 bobcats. police out enforce looking for drunk drivers during the holidays. checkpoint this evening. officers from throughout the county will staff the location as part of their avoid the 23 dui campaign. c?b3sr'utes from the start of a moment of silence in connecticut to honor victims of the tragedy at sandy hook elementary you are looking live inside the united methodist church in sandy hook where bells will ring 26 times to honor the victims. report with the "good morning america"kpwplguá$n moments. >> those 26 bells for the 20 elementary school children who were killed and six of their teachers, administrators, the school principal, all the adults being called heroes in
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the wake of this tragic school shooting that has changed the face of the country. >> gunman also killed his mother then took his own life. again, this is where the bells will ring. similar ceremonies going on in several states among them. governor malloy will lead this event coming up in just a couple of minutes. we are getting word from -- >> announcer: had is an abc news special report. tragedy at sandy hook. good morning i'm george stephanopoulos we are joining you share in a moment of silence for the youngibé childn and women killed in newton, connecticut one week ago. sandy hook the sight of the tragedy the whole country stricken by the news you see in newtown t flagshe.f9 flying at half-staff today, 9:30 eastern town in newton the bells will ring 26 times once for reach life lost.
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linsey davis is outside that church. >> reporter: good morning. certainly heavy rain and wind this morning in newtown, connecticut. we are stage in the midst of puddles of sorrow we are outside of trinity episcopal church where so many funerals took place this week also where those 26 bells will toll for 26 times of course for the 20 children and six women murdered inside the sandy hook elementary school down the street on the steps of the town hall where the governor, lt. governor and first elect women of newtown have gathered to pay tribute to the lives lost. back to you george. we are just about to hear those bells. >> the national cathedral's bells will ring 26 times in washington. the movement moment privately inside the -- he was live in newton. he will not appear before the
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cameras today but he is observing that moment of silence. ince. and in newtown, the community has gathered to remember at trinity episcopal church. [ bell tolling ] [ bell tolling ]
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[ bell tolling ] [ bell tolling ]
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[ bell tolling ] [ bell tolling ]
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[ bell tolling ] [ bell tolling ]
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[ bell tolling ] [ bell tolling ]
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[ bell tolling ] [ bell tolling ]
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[ bell tolling ] [ bell tolling ]
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>> 26 tolls of the bell. [ bell tolling >> 26 lives cut short in sandy hook. the president open observed this moment privately he said 20 beautiful children and six remarkable adults together we will carry on and make our country worthy ofe;n their memory. we are going to return now to "good morning america" and our other regular programs. thanks for watching us. i'm george stephanopoulos in new york, have a good day. . that was a lot of bells, too many bells. indeed. welcome back to the abc7 morning news. 6:37 on this friday morning. we are also following a big local story. that's right the weather
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kicking off what looks to be a three day long very wet storm. good morning. light to heavy north bay nearly an inch of rain overnight in santa rosa, yellows and oranges there. let's start near st. helena back warm springs road north of glen ellen cotati old adobe to petaluma moderate rain and light to moderate towards petaluma marshal road and point reyes, also around guerneville up the highway gender fort ross moderate to heavy rain there -- there is flooding in forestville right now on 116. the rain is now getting close to the golden gate bridge, also towards richmond making that southerly push going to
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be here in the heart of the bay by 7:00, in the south bay by 9:00. friday light at the bay bridge toll, no metering lights yet, minor delay for cash paying folks not too bad, lanes carpool lanes flowing5 nicely not even backed towards the first overcrossing, just now to the caltrans parking lot. no problems westbound upper deck, san mateo bridge looking good, a little crowded westbound towards the highrise bunching up on the flat section towards foster city,f6b) 17 minute drive from hayward towards san mateo, westbound 37 past mare island car off the road waiting for a tow truck, three miles past mare island one lane in each direction, they will be having to get a tow truck in you might delays in a bit. north 101 railroad avenue, spin-out right lane possibly due to hydroplaneing and flooding in the area, -- take
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extra caution, left lane north 880 at broadway changing a tire, please be careful. this morning as you heard, the bay area is getting ready for the first in a weekend of storms. terry mcsweeney is live in petaluma where the rain is falling steadily. >> reporter: yeah and it has been for the past two hours and counting. water is rushing didn't the gutters, don't see any%8=e localized flooding, everybody seems to be behaving. pictures of the rain coming down on petaluma boulevard, of course everybody is talking about the weather when there's an extreme event not that extreme, rain. a lot of people talking about the end of the world, the end of the mayan calendar comes today, i talked to a viewer about it. >> i know that the rain is
6:40 am
justhloj part of the seasons, i guess. >> reporter: mike nicco predicts a lot but he's not predicting the end of the world. >> yeah [ laughing ] >> reporter: i guess i got a courtesy laugh he was predicting it might be the end of the world he would give me that as a going away property. here in petaluma water rain coming down localized flooding windsor north of santa rosa, steady rain for two hours here coming everywhere in the bay area. wherever you are, you are going to get some of this before too long. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >>jthank you for the reminder about mike's forecasting prowess, very glad. late night rescue on a san francisco hillside.u.; we'll how is you video. >> we continue to monitor the storm check back in with mike and live doppler.
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coming up on that 7:00 hour the time i've been pointing to for when the rain is going to move out of the north bay and head into the heart of the bay. right now near colma, daly city pacifica, heading up to the sunset across the golden gate bridge richmond san rafael bridge getting wet as is the golden gate a matter of 10, 15 minutes bay bridge will start if get wet also. best chances of rain and snow above 80 sliding south towards fresno rain and yosemite snow into the afternoon. snow levels up north down to 1500 feet, west slopes 4,000 feet, already snowed nearly 2 1/2 feet near mount shasta
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this morning. we've been covering this morning. early morning stabbing at glad party in san jose has turned into a -- at graduation party in san has has turned into a -- a man crashed a party and stabbed another man. as we said we just learned the victim has died at the hospital. detectives looking for clues into san jose's 45th homicide of the year. >> this morning four people recovering after hit-and-run and rescue effort in san francisco before 9:00 last night in the twin peaks area on christmas tree point road. investigators say three people were hit by a car and knocked off the edge of the hill. paramedics using ropes and back boards pulled them to safety, one woman was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. on passenger's side one person in the car injured and
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police are determined if the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. public memorial will take place this evening at concord high. 17-year-old died after being shot in the city's bay view district saturday night. his teammates and coaches described him as a leader on and off the field. tonight's vigil will start at 7:00 inside the gym at concord high. police have not made rests investigators are still looking for witnesses. more than 130 concession workers at oakland international are threatening to go on strike as early as today because of a labor impasse/a. union workers are having a disagreement with hms host the company that runs concessions at the airport union says the company wants employees to pay lw insurance increases takäp unpaid meal breaks and freeze
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wages for the rest of the contract. union workers plan to rally from noon to 6:00 this evening outside the airport terminals. north korea says it has continue -- detain add american citizen after he confessed to unspecified crimes. they say he's from washington state and he is known as kenneth bay, a 44-year-old tour operator of korean descent. officials say the crimes were proven through evidence. media reports say he was taken into custody after entering the country in early november as part of a tour. we are waiting new commentsqto>é from house speaker z cliff talks he's expected to speak in a little more than 10 minutes from now. thúká(>i- good morning. they are worried about going over the fiscal cliff into a recession. yórñ
6:47 am
house republican leaders postponed vote on legislation that would raise taxes on households earning more than a million dollars we'll see how spocks respond to what boehner has to say. $;ç republicans -- [ inaudible ] here's how the markets dealing with this, lower not as bad as futures were indicating, still steep losses. bloomberg index trading didn't. a@ásg& maps has a bad reputation, a company says the app is three times more likely to get you lost compared to google maps. [ inaudible ]om/m lottery, tickets, candy are presents last minute shoppers
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frequently go for. [ inaudible ]ôt[ i'm jane king. mike joining us now. not a gift to any of us, rain is good, but -- >> it has been a little too much, flooding in windsor, flooding in forestville now a little ponding on the roads rain coming down at a light to moderate clip now definitely heavier at times during the morning hours in petaluma want to thank terry and his photographer. steve is out there, thanks guys. yellows and oranges moving
6:49 am
away from petaluma still, sitting on 101 between there and novato up towards cotati. to the south on 101 mainly light rain from novato down to tiburon, belvedere and sausalito golden gate bridgetáñ getting light rain. glen ellen moderate rain heading your way, sonoma, heading towards napa, entire system making that south san francisco starting to get sprinkles now in thej8 bridge going to get wet in 10 minutes. morning rain today steadiest and heaviest through the morning, waves of showers the rest of today, heavy rain during the overnight hours tonight, more rain tomorrow, of the lighter variety and steadier rain for sunday;f, saturday afternoon going to be our period of lightest rain i can't say it will be dry. a break from the rain completely monday, more rain in the forecast, christmas night that through wednesday
6:50 am
and thursday next week. 7:00 moderate rain moving through the heart of the bay into the south bay by the end of the commute, 9:00, moderate rain at noon in the north bay, the rest of us are transitioning to waves of the showers that will be with us during the evening, have wet weather gear handy heavier rain north bay midnight slides through the heart of the bay from midnight through 6:00 lighter steadier rain in the south bay at 8:00 tomorrow morning look how thingsyei4ñ get quiet during saturday afternoon, waves of
6:51 am
holiday, relatively light traffic into the commute this morning, 80 westbound, moving at the limit, towards berkeley curve into the macarthur maze. little windy, you can see camera moving, windy conditions on most of the bridges this morning as well. san jose headlights snaking north 280 past the self -- 17 on the way towards cupertino and beyonds beyond in the north everything is light in san jose. past mare islanúm car off the embankment, waiting for a tow #,zankment, waiting for a tow 101 near railroad car 150 150 feet down an embankment, directions of 101. a person out of the car changing a fire in the left lane use extra caution there, very dangerous.
6:52 am
úz1%n"ñ, five things to know before you go. abc7 morning news returns in 60
6:53 am
>> >> good morning. 6:54. you are looking live at the bay bridge look at that sunrise coming up, gorgeous. it is going to rise over a very cold, wet and windy day weekend to be sure. meteorologist mike nicco will have your forecast coming up. heregàñ are five things to know before you go: number one, tracking the storm as rainfalls in the bay area. you are looking live at petaluma where terry mcsweeney is and the raine we've seen the rain coming down there all morning and it will spread across the rest of the bay area as the morning goes on. >> number two, the weather is morning holiday travelers at sfo. low cloud ceiling forced
6:54 am
cancellation of 14 departures and eight arrivals of mostly regional airlines this morning. if you are traveling today your flight status before heading to the airport. >> number three, bells rang in connecticut and across the nation:30 this morning, marking one week -- nation at 6:30 this morning marking one week since the school tragedy. number four, national rifle association will hold a press conference in about 45 minutes the nra revealed earlier this week it will discuss ways it can make "meaningful contributions to prevent future mass shootings." the group remained mostly quiet after last week's tragedy. >> number five, police throughout the bay area will be out enforce looking for drunk"ñ drivers did the holidays. police planning a dui
6:55 am
checkpoint on pennsylvania near north delaware street. light to moderate rain still in the north bay, best radar returns north of san rafael up 101, i want to focus in onw"0! areas 80 benici, richmond towards berkeley and oakland light rain across the bay bridge into san francisco also daly city and colma, all sliding to the east. by the end of the commute at 9:00, all of us are going to have rain, more showers tomorrow, steady rain sunday, three days worth of wet weather, i hope you are prepared. bay bridge toll light on this friday folks are taking a long holiday weekend and we go to san rafael, it is raining, you can see heavy stream of headlights southbound past civic center into central san rafael no problems at the golden gate bridge, windy
6:56 am
conditions car off the road west 37 three miles past mare island on the cotati grade north 101, a car, 150 feet off the road, expect delays both directions. thank you for joining us for the abc7 morning news which continues in 25 minutes with news, weather and traffic during "good morning america." >> stay with abc7 news for continuing storm watch coverage. we leave you with a live picture from petaluma track the. storm yourself with live doppler.
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good morning, america. breaking now, that major winter storm making a mess of the northeast. flooding and high winds causing damage on the eve of the holiday getaway. nearly two feet of snow already in the midwest. interstates closed by massive pileups. sam is leading our extreme weather team. breaking overnight, one of the bank robbers who made a daring escape from a downtown chicago prison, detained by police and federal agents. his partner, still on the run. armed and dangerous. the city, still on edge. the three-time olympian leading a double-life. one of the best distance runners in the world. the wife and mother with a huge

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